DUE TO CORONAVIRUS and PROTECTING everybody, MARIJUANA TOWN USA® will be CLOSED for the time being. Be well.


Life is funny! Here’s the short version. Take a 55 year old registered nurse and kidney donor (to a friend) and give her some icky medical diagnoses. Medical doctor actually recommended I consider medical marijuana. Well, I’m a marijuana virgin. I knew ZERO about it. To rectify that, I had 2 things going for me: being an academic plus living in an over 55 community where the residents are very well versed on the subject. Oh, and they sure can tell a good story too! 

Not being able to work anymore and no “husband” income, I was looking for a home business. A voice in my head said, “MARIJUANA TOWN USA”. Brilliant. I filed for the trademark. Even the attorney loved the name and couldn’t believe it was available. Design ideas started popping into my head. Shopify, Printful and Fiverr have become my new bff’s. 

Listen all. I’m NOT a business person but I’m trying hard to not become a statistic, living on the street. Thank you in advance for supporting my new venture. Plus, you will look smashing too! 

Don’t forget to VOTE in 2020 and PLEASE register to be an organ donor. 

Oh, cant forget, please adopt a shelter dog. :-) Spay and neuter.